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Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. See the guide to client IDs for Premium Plan or Maps APIs for Work customers. If not, consider alternatives to using a modal dialog box. The warning describes the possible reasons for an error, or suggests potential issues in your code that loads the Google Maps JavaScript API. http://seforum.net/general/error-version-parse-error.html

Brief. Don't use command buttons or progressive disclosure for this purpose. Generally, you should prefer to use the lightest weight presentation that does the job well. Example: If you receive a There is no CD disc in the drive message, insert a new CD disc in the drive and try again.     Show: Inherited Protected Print

Make sure the error message gives a problem, cause, and solution. Rather, use a short name (such as the file name) and put the full name (such as the file path) in the supplemental instruction. Whenever possible, propose a practical, helpful solution so users can fix the problem. Incorrect: Correct: In the incorrect example, the terms "catastrophic" and "failure" are unnecessary.

In this example, the user is renaming a file from Windows Explorer. That’s your error message, right there. 2. Pin it Catastrophic Failure – The master of all errors. Fail pets[edit] The Twitter fail whale error message Tumbeasts gnawing on servers, used by Tumblr in 2011 With the rise of Web 2.0 services such as Twitter, end-user facing error messages

To appeal the block and have your implementation reviewed, please complete this form. They might toggle between apps and see your message days after it happened. Disabling controls and menu items when clicking would result in error, as long as it's obvious why the control or menu item is disabled. Correct: We're sorry, but Fabrikam Backup detected an unrecoverable problem and was shut down to protect files on your computer.

This could be caused by a temporary problem. On the other hand, do provide specific, actionable information if it is likely to be helpful most of the time. The message presents a problem that users care about. Use a slider instead.

Recommended alternative: Developers must conditionally compile all such messages so that they are automatically removed from the release version of a product. It’s not that difficult, really. ClientIdLooksLikeKey Warning You may have supplied an API key in the client parameter. The rules to crafting helpful error messages are fairly straightforward.

It indicates that a program couldn't launch because Windows itself is in the process of shutting down. Check This Out By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Notification icons appear to notify a user about a condition without interrupting their work. Incomprehensible error messages Incorrect: In this example, the problem statement is clear, but the supplemental explanation is utterly baffling.

For more guidelines and examples, see Style and Tone. Now the user has to troubleshoot. External links[edit] A more useful 404 (A List Apart) Avoid being embarrassed by your error messages (UX Matters) Oops! Source Pin it Error Deleting File or Folder – Disk cleanup always helps.

The client ID should start with "gme-" prefix. Pin it However, scratching your head over these pop-up error messages will not help either. Aside from dismissing the error message, there is nothing for users to do.

Consider disabled controls.

What is all this text really saying? The problem: Messages intended to help the program's developers find bugs are left in the release version of the program. You can tell people about customization options with an undoable action banner* or a tutorial instead.*A good example is Gmail’s “Undo sending?” banner that will show up after sending an email. OverQuotaMapError Error The number of requests has exceeded the usage limits for the Google Maps JavaScript API.

Don't use warning icons for errors. Don't recommend contacting an administrator unless doing so is among the most likely solutions to the problem. Balloons go away when clicked, when the problem is resolved, or after a timeout. have a peek here Always be humble.

Minor errors may be displayed in a status bar, a small portion of an application's window that can display brief messages to the user. InvalidVersion Warning You may have supplied an incorrect version number in your script element. Some error messages can be eliminated because they aren't problems from the user's point of view. Use present tense whenever possible.

User-centered. If you aren't sure whether you should give an error message, start by composing the error message that you might give. This is a lot better than, say, showing a modal alert with “Do you really want to send this email?”I knew you’d ask, so I made a little checklist for you You may need to enable the Google Maps JavaScript API under APIs in the Google API Console.

By contrast, if users are likely to dismiss the message without doing or changing anything, omit the error message. See Reporting | Google Maps APIs Premium Plan. There’s nothing more frustrating than an error like this one. Use title-style capitalization, without ending punctuation.

The user can't proceed and there is no feedback to determine the problem. For drag operations, allow users to drop only on valid targets. The page also explains how you can get higher usage limits.