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Built 1996. With Gearbox, main drive motor, backdrive motor on base.Item 12182-001  Used Alfa Laval NX-418 Stainless Steel Horizontal Solid Bowl Centrifuge. 14 inch (353 mm) Diameter Bowl with double rows of wear protected. Knife Mill. Model CWBT.

Bowl 12.6 " diameter X 36" long. Built 1992. Approximately 6' diameter X 6' straight side. Stainless steel cooling belt included.Item 10936-001 Used Extru-Tech single barrel food Model E925. directory

Open top. Built 2006. Rated 80 l/h @ 1,000 bar / 14,500 psi. Stainless steel contacts.

Screen change parts available. On stand.Item 12009-001Used Flottweg type Z3L 16 x 48. 2 phase decanter. T316 stainless steel contacts. 2.5" single lead conveyor. Quick opening door. 2 shelves internal.

T316L STAINLESS STEEL CONTACTS. Static oil bath system with recirculating oil system optional. Gearbox is a type 6.0 kNm with a 169:1 ratio. http://www.exllc.com/Centrifuge-Decanter.html Cylinder - 10° design.

Rotor diameter 200 mm. SN J-12006-RS-102-01. Stainless steel pan feed. Product Densification Unit.

Control panel. Item 10019-003  Used Bird Model 24 X 38 screen bowl centrifuge. http://www.exllc.com/Stainless-Steel-Tanks-10000-Gallon---Larger.html Double lead 9" tiled conveyor. Power 3 phase 60 cycle 480 volt. Has 5hp 3/60/220-440V main drive and 3 hp 360/220-440V variable speed backdrive.

Max temp 212 degrees F. S/N SB500Item 11224-003   Used Bird Model 2500 H Style solid bowl centrifuges in T316 stainless steel (18 x 54), 1800 RPM with 40 hp motor and SA69 gear unit 80/1 ratio conveyor SN PD3933. Carbon steel wetted parts.

NEW. Item 10350-001New 24 X 60 Bird Design decanter centrifuge. Solids discharge ports have wear protection. Includes stainless steel stand, covers and drive. 2 HP 3 phase 60 cycle 220/440 volt. Item 12233-001  Used approximately 20 cubic foot stainless steel double ribbon blender. Top manway.

Has 2 HP 3/60/230-460V turbine type agitator. Approximately 82" diameter X 82" straight side. Last operated between 3 & 12 gallon/min feed.

Built 2005.Item 12238-001  Used 2000 gallon APV Crepaco stainless steel sanitary jacketed process mix Tank/Kettle.

Base with built in lube system, gearbox guard with shear pin torque control, feed tube, side mount motor bracket with a 75 hp motor, belts, belt guard and 5 isolators.Item 11673-002 New 1999,Item 11814-0011Autoclaves-SterilizerBlowersBoilersCentrifuge-BasketBottomDumpCentrifuge-BasketTopUnloadCentrifuge-ChamberBowlCentrifuge-DecanterCentrifuge-DiscAutoCentrifuge-DiscBatchCentrifuge-Disc-NozzleCentrifuge-InvertingCentrifuge-LabCentrifuge-PodCentrifuge-PeelerCentrifuge-PusherCentrifuge-SuperCentrifuge-PartsChillersCoatingEquipmentColumnsCompactorsCompressorsConveyorsCoolingTowersDrivesDryersDustCollectorExchanger-PlateExchanger-SpiralExchanger-VotatorExchanger-TubularExtrudersEvaporator-TubularEvaporator-WipedThinFilmFilling&PackagingEquipmentFilter-CatridgeFilter-DryerNutscheFilter-HorizontalBeltFilter-NutscheFilter-PressFilter-PressureLeafFilter-RotaryVacuumFlaker-RollFlaker-BeltGeneratorsHomogenizersLabEquipmentMill-23RollMill-AttritorMill-BallMill-FitzMills-HammerMill-MediaMill-MiscMill-PulverizerMiscEquipmentMixer-BakeryMixer-ChangeCanMixer-DoubleConeMixer-HiIntensityMixer-LiquifierMixer-MiscMixer-NautaMixers-SigmaMixer-RxMixer-PlowMixer-PostMixer-RibbonMixer-TwinShellPlasticsEquipmentPress-DewateringPumpsPumpsWaukeshaReactor-Glass1-99Reactor-Glass100-999Reactor-Glass1000-10000Reactors-Stainless1-99GallonReactors-Stainless100-999GallonReactors-Stainless1000Gallon&UpFermentorsKettlesScalesScreens-RotexScreens-SwecoMidwesternScreen-TurboTanks-GlassLinedTanks-StainlessSteelTanks-Poly&FRPVersatorsCompanyContactEmailPhoneAddressRequirements S/N 3529367Item 11287-001  USED Carr Powerfuge centrifuge, model P12, 316L and Ti-6AL-4V construction, 500 liter/hour max flow rate, 9 liter bowl volume, 8 liter (nominal) solids space, up to 20000g force, max Reactor # RS-102-01.Item 12459-001​UNUSED approximately 105 gallon/400 liter Solinox PFA Coated - stainless steel reactor.

Torque control and limit switch. closed delivery. All stainless steel wetted parts. 6" double lead conveyor with stellite hard surfacing. 4000 rpm max speed. 3600 "G"s. T304L stainless steel Jacket rated 160 psi @ 392 degrees F.